Increase Band Followers

A few years ago I would only have said: “Do several gigs and get on MySpace”. That is not the greatest strategy today though.

Why have not you got a lot of a following? Could it be simply you are rather new? In case so, get everybody you know coming to the gigs of yours, wherever they’re, and bring ALL the mates of theirs.

Play some gig you are able to buy as well as permit the audience know about the website of yours (oh yeah, you want a site). Everyone does posters and flyers so you have to get in on this too.

In case you have been around some time but your fanbase is nevertheless a tad small, you have got to consider why. Perhaps you live in a little spot and the style of your music is not that big?

In case this’s it you will truly have to hunt out the fans of yours and will also most likely suggest going on the internet and spreading the term rather than merely relying on local folks. Get on Twitter, forums, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube.Send out the tunes of yours to bloggers to find out in case they will look at you or perhaps blog about you (and do not ever feel a blog’s way too little to accomplish this, all publicity’s) that is good. Another good way to make your music heard is through marketing agencies, big SoundCloud artists sometimes buy SoundCloud followers and you should too. It will make your music look worthwhile to listen to.

In case you are able to pay for it, film a good video or even get some advertising gear. Get some printed or embroidered hoodies and tees and get the mates of yours to use them, hand them out at gigs in case you are able to. Hoodies are good cos individuals are able to place them on the garments of theirs, so in case it is a little cool they could use them at home. Walking adverts!

There is plenty of bands available attempting to make it and a lot of fans get a little sick of arbitrary invitations to see a few guys they do not truly know or even care about. In case you need folks to like the band of yours you’ve to get them to as if you.

Make friends anywhere you go, go to various other gigs and make friends there, be very good to close friends of close friends. Folks are going to want to help you and feel as they are on board with something, so get yourself out there and be funny and charming and get folks excited about the music of yours.

In case you are doing all of this but still, folks are not coming back to the gigs of yours, perhaps you only have to get some much better material? Rehearse more often, create a crowd-pleasing song or perhaps 2 and possibly work on the audience interaction of yours and just how you have the crowd going.