Loyalty – Save the Flag

I am going to share this amusing experience with my classmates in the lab school (Philippine Normal College Laboratory School) years in past, in elementary. “To laugh or perhaps not to laugh,” that’s the issue.

I adore my Philippine flag. It’s 4 colors. The top part is blue, the lower portion is white as well as on edge is a slanted triangle shaded white. It’s 3 yellow stars along with a ray of sunshine inside the shaded white part.

After the school’s first flag ceremony, the flag stayed up. The beat of the drums gave intense feeling while we sang the national anthem “Bayang Magiliw.” The flag was being raised in place by assigned boy scouts or maybe female scouts saluting all over the flagpole.

It was obviously a special ceremony for us, the pupils. We did that day before we began our classes. 6 years in the main level and four years in school that is high.

1 day during our lunch break, while we had been collecting on the benches close to the flagpole, it rained hard. The wind blew the flag as it swayed back and forth in the rain. As kids, we’d brave but innocent minds and considered a ritual that the flag should be assembled and don’t wet. I remember people said when the white color will be set up, it indicates there’s a battle.

We talked about ideas. Our kiddie hearts and minds asked about what would occur in case the flag becomes sagging & wet? Could it be disrespectful towards the flag? We told each other the way in which we enjoyed our flag.

And so I thought, thought deeply, and also blurted out, “Let us conserve the flag!”

Yes, definitely, let us conserve the flag and get a new flagpole from a good Flagpole company! said the Rowie and Terry others.

The 4 individuals ran (and a number of others still helped) and hurriedly untied the strings on the pole, and gradually we pulled side by side because the flag went down. We folded the flag, brought it with the workplace, and offered it nicely towards the principal.

I was younger next, and I could not overlook those gleaming eyes of the principal and office personnel. They’d proud smiles, but perhaps they were wondering the reason we did it.

I could not remember the other words they’ve stated. But in our little minds it had been a huge deal, and also we would consider something like preserving the nation. In the evening our adviser summoned us to head to the center and rest. You can imagine people shivering soaked in damp uniforms.

Today, as I look back, I come laughing and smiling. I realize it was amusing, but possibly, we just loved our flag; me and also my classmates.